Our British History

Founded in 1824, Charles Green is a historic jewellery company based in Birmingham, England, with a rich legacy spanning over two centuries. Over the years, the company has witnessed and adapted to many changes in the jewellery industry.

Today, Charles Green is renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Let's take a journey through the company's fascinating history with this timeline.


Charles Green founded the company in Birmingham in 1824.

Charles Green established his business in 1824, or before, as a manufacturer of signet rings at 73 Brearley Street West in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. His son, also Charles, was already 7 years old.

1863 ~ 1886

In 1863, Charles Green passed the business to his sons, introducing fine diamond jewellery.

1863 - Charles Green's son, Charles Green (II), became a partner along with his brother George with the company rebranding as Charles Green and Son.

1865 - Charles Green (II) dies.

1886 - At the Birmingham Exhibition the company showed 'ladies' and 'gentleman's' rings, often set with diamonds and sapphires and some fine gipsy rings set with pink coral and turquoise.


The prestigious Vittoria St School of Jewellery

Influential members of the Jewellery Trade in Birmingham founded the School of Jewellery on Vittoria St to help develop skills in the trade. Charles Green (II) was one of the founders. Many of our staff to this day have studied at the prestigious school.


New Beginnings

Charles S Green left the family company this year to form a firm of silversmiths called Charles S Green and Co of 33 Lionel Street. It was around this time that we began to make more gold jewellery including brooches and bangles.

1906 ~ 1940

1906 - Charles Green III dies at the age of 61 on the 3rd January, leaving his son Lionel Augustus Green and Roland Green.

1940 - 48 Augusta Street was hit by a bomb in World War Two. Much was destroyed but a few pattern books remain, as you can see in this product book from the 1910's. Luckily no lives were lost when the bomb hit as most workers were recruited to work in manufacturing that benefited the war effort.


Diamond Set Wedding Bands

At our temporary premises on 8-10 Tenby Street, we became synonymous with well-made wedding rings and we were among the first companies to make diamond set wedding bands.


Simon Green

Mr Simon Green took over the company and we moved to our location on Tenby Street. It was around this time that our handcrafted lockets became renowned as the very best in the World including becoming very popular in America.


Tom Green

Tom Green becomes the 6th generation Green to take over at Charles Green further enhancing the company's reputation as one of the UKs premier British jewellery manufacturers.


The Digital Age

CAD and 3D printing started to become more affordable for the jewellery industry allowing us to build and grow our bespoke services and improve production techniques to create stunning works.


Raising The Mark

All our settings undergo extensive training in micro-setting that elevates the standard of our jewellery even further. To this day every piece is now set under microscopes for precision.


200 Year Anniversary

We will be celebrating our 200th year as a family business, one of the oldest in Britain. We have also be relocated to a purpose-built state-of-the-art manufacturing facility still in the heart of Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter where we proudly have remained for our 200 year history.